Tuesday, May 27, 2014


The one time I felt fear the greatest was when my little brother fell off of a chair and his nose started to gush blood. I was only six or seven, and we used to have those chair that swiveled. My brother decided to stand on the chair and swivel, he fell off, landed right on his face and his nose started to gush blood. I saw my little brother crying and in pain, I started to cry myself because I was so scared something was going to happen to my little brother. I started to panic, pace back and forth, my face was hot and red from the tears, I started to ask my mom over and over again if he was going to be ok. Your chest starts to feel a little heavy too, you just get this weird feeling inside, and you realize there's not much you can do. Fear can affect what we see by making the fear seem more extreme than it is, all you can see is that one thing it's like nobody else is there. You can start to hear things that aren't being said, or if you're waiting for something(I was waiting of an ambulance to arrive) you could think that you're hearing it coming. The only way to master fear is by looking it straight in the face and saying I'm not afraid of you. You're he only one who can conquer your fear.

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