Monday, March 31, 2014

Should we prolong death?

  • Yes I agree with the author, adding years to our lives won't make it any fuller. This might sound mean, but if you made bad decisions in your life and by the time you're 80, you still haven't changed, then you can't just use this to live longer so you can make better choices. If you wanted to be a better person you should've already changed, or done something by now. Also for those people who did make good decisions, why do you need to live longer when you've already had the best life you could have. I know this term annoys a lot of people, but YOLO, and it's true you do only live once, life is full of second chances,but it's that life that was full of second chances that you're only gonna get to live it once. 
I do think that if scientists could beat old age it would be a great break through in science, but you live your life and you want to live everyday to the fullest because you never know what's going to happen the next day. It's true you never know what's going to happen, and we all know the day is going to come, why prolong it. I'm scared of death everyone is, but when I get up there is age I know that I don't want to prolong my life any longer, I want to go peacefully, and I want to go when I go, I'll go when my time is up. Also for those people who have diseases and are suffering, why would you want to prolong that, I know I wouldn't, it's like deciding if you should put down your dog, you don't want to you want them to keep living, but you know if they keep living, they're going to suffer. Going back to you never know what's going to happen, prolonging age might be good for some elderly people, but what about the people who die in a car crash or have cancer or  die when you're a baby or text while something happened to them when they're younger that they have no control over. How are we going to prolong those deaths? They're so many accidents that happen to young people, who many of us think shouldn't have died yet, it wasn't their time.

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  1. You took a stance that I also took, it may be very nice to have the idea of long life but it's not all that good.