Thursday, March 6, 2014

I believe that your success will only go as far as you let it

Success can be different to many people, it's measured in many different ways. Everyone has goals in life, things they want to accomplish or be successful in. When I set goals for myself and accomplish them, that's my success. I also have many goals that I haven't gotten to yet, goals for the future, I want to do everything I can now to be successful in those goals. I believe that your success will only go as far as you let it. I'm the one that decides what I want to do. Some things might get in the way of it, obstacles, but I can always get through and solve those obstacles– I need to believe in myself so I can go far. Believing in yourself is a big part in your success, if I don't push myself or think that I can do it, then how can I get anywhere. Family and friends that believe also help, by them thinking I can gives me more of a reason to know that I can do it. Another big part of success is how hard you try and work for it. I see too many people today giving up, losing hope so easily. Whenever I see that I tell myself that I won't give up as easily as they did, I will give it my all and try my hardest.
The littlest things can be thought of as success, as well as the biggest. I've had success in my past and I have things in my future that I'd like to be successes. I used to struggle with school and not put my all into it. I thought I was putting my all into it, but my focus wasn't there. I wanted to do well, but I gave up to easily. I didn't want to give up, but at the time I thought I couldn't do anything. I used to sit there and stare at my homework trying to remember the lesson that day that I had, yet again, spaced out on. I tried everything to help myself, but at the time there was no extra school help for me. When the opportunity finally came for me to go in before or after school to get help, I took it. That extra help was just the push I needed to help me understand everything better. That help, and me pushing myself more, I am now able to do well in school and get through it. Going from giving up easily to being able to do school easily is my success. Everyday I can get through school now is a success for me. It's a success for me because I pushed myself to do better, I let myself get to this success.

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  1. Juliette I agree completely. Success is yours if you work for it and earn it. I love your voice in this you sound genuine and honestly it made me listen and relate to you good job.

  2. Juliette, I also completely agree with what John said. Pushing yourself to do well in school and get through is an aesome strategy. I wish I could get the confidence up and push myself through school. Your voice was absolutely stunning in this piece. I loved it. Great job.

  3. Hi Juliette, I also agree with john's comment. I think we all struggle with school, and it's great that you're able to get through it. Great job on the essay. Keep up the good work.