Friday, March 14, 2014


I encounter advertisements on TV, on the internet, on billboards, on the sides of vehicles,  they're everywhere, they're always someone trying to sell something. Advertisements that stick in my head are ones that have that annoying, but yet catchy theme song, or they repeatedly say something, also the funny commercials that you actually like. The advertisement that I'll never forget is the nike commercial, where the guy and girl are singing and running, she has on nike shoes, but he doesn't do he doesn't make it all the way, and the whole time they're singing I will run to you. Advertisements also effect my personal interests because if you see an add and go somewhere later that day or the next day and you see that everyone has one, you think you have to have one. Advertisements that keep nagging you on and on about heir product and how you must have it, or hurry up this offer isn't going to last long, they're going fast, they'll say anything to get you to by their product, also they keep maying the offer better and better, to make it sound like a great deal.  

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