Wednesday, February 26, 2014


The piece that I just finished was my personal belief essay. I feel that I did a good job talking about my belief and why I believe in it, but I had the hardest time thinking of a personal story. I spent all vacation thinking of a story I could use, finally I went and asked people. I found a personal story I could use, but after I read through it I didn't really like it. I still can't think of a good story I could use in my personal belief essay that will clearly show my belief.

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  1. This is a bummer! I wonder if you chose the right belief to write about? I only ask this because if you have a belief that is very clear to you and you live it every day, then a story might have come easier. Just a thought, but I"m sure whatever you came up with for a story will work in your essay. If not, your peer review partner will let you know today!