Wednesday, January 29, 2014

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Likes summer, dogs, friends, family, movies, art,dance, hip-hop jazz, music. Is lazy, sarcastic, creative, colorful, friendly, crazy, weird, not perfect, not the best at everything, hard worker, shy at first......This is who I am.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Final Overview of Semester

This year as a writer I feel like I have made many accomplishments with all of my writing. I set a goal for each piece I wrote and I reached it. With each piece I wrote I improved. The one thing that I wanted to accomplish was becoming a better editor, I think I completed that goal. This year we have practiced editing, we would do peer editing and we worked on clauses and phrases. Reaching all goals isn't easy though. I had to work on each goal, concentrate on it, and do everything I could to reach it. I struggled mostly with my editing and coming up with new ways to improve my writing. To fix my editing problem I made appointments to got to the writing center, that helped me with editing and also it was nice to talk with someone about my writing. Discussing my writing helps me understand what I can improve on and it helps me understand the editing better. Coming up with ways to improve my writing was hard too, by the end of the semester I made the voice to start getting out of my comfort zone with my writing. I am still going to keep my voice, but I want to try and write more than murder, mysteries. This is going to be a very hard goal, but I like challenging myself, it makes me work harder for what I want.
The first piece I did this year was my literacy autobiography. This piece was about all of my struggles with reading throughout the years. I really got I to depth in this piece, I opened up. I struggled with both reading and writing when I was younger, but I was able to push through and become better at both of them.  I also got really personal with this piece.
The next piece I did was the curious incident of a dog in the night time, critical lens essay. This piece was about how people are labeled with disabilities and how we can't judge them based on that. I got really into this piece I enjoyed writing it. I used lots of supporting evidence in this piece from our lesson on autism, all of the movies, clips, video presentations, and the book we read. I also got into how we label people, we put labels on people based on what they're like and how they act. How society needs to help out people more.
The last piece I chose was my figure of speech script. This piece was interesting to write I had never done anything like this before. I had never used figures of speech I my writing before, nonetheless use them in my entire piece. I was very happy the way it came out though. This was also one of the first pieces I had written this year, so many people who heard it didn't think my voice was in it, but it was. This piece was a very funny sarcastic piece, and that is how I act and that my voice, but I just don't act that way in the classroom. Some people knew that that's the way I act though.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Figure of Speech Script

Person 1: "What the hell were you thinking?!?!"
Person 2: "What do you mean?"
Person 1: "I mean why did you let he cat out of the bag. I told you not to tell her. Now she hates me."
Person 2: "My cat was never in a bag. If it was it would suffocate and die. I keep my cat in the house because it's an indoor cat."
Person 1: "Letting the cat out of the bag just means that you told someone something you shouldn't have."
Person 2: "I'm sorry, she was giving me a hard time and I told her."
Person 1: "So, she was giving you the third degree. That's still no excuse for telling my secret."
Person 2: "How could she be giving me the third degree we weren't in math class."
Person 1: "Giving someone the third degree means giving someone a hard time."
Person 2: "Oh."
Person 1: "You're aways telling secrets at the drop of a hat. I need to start walking on eggshells when I'm around you. I hate you so much right now, I hope you catch your death!"
Person 2: "I didn't drop my hat, it's still on my head. And eggshells? I don't see any eggshells. Did someone drop an egg?
Person 1: "NO! The drop of a hat means that you tell someone something whenever they ask and eggshells just means that you have to be careful."
Person 2: "Oh. Also why would you want to catch your death. I know I don't, I want to live for as long as I can. And wouldn't you have to run to catch it. How fast does death run?"
Person 1: "You don't have to run to catch your death. And if you keep on telling secrets you won't live as long as you want to. I might beat death to it!"
Person 2: "Oh yeah! Well I hope you get sick and die!"
Person 1: "That's what catch your death means, idiot."
Person 2: ".... I knew that....."
Person 1: "You're full of so much hot air I'm surprised you're feet are still on the ground."
Person 2: "......oh yeah! well.....I'm done here!"
Person 1: "Are you just gonna give up that easily. Huh? Ya just gonna walk away?
Person 2: "Lets just forget about this and leave it be. Ok?"
Person 1: "I will not let the sleeping dog lie!"
Person 2: "Why would you wake the dog up anyway. That would be mean. And I don't see a dog anywhere?"
Person 1: "That's because there is no dog. Let the sleeping dog lie just means to leave something be!"
Person 2: "Oh. Well let's let him sleep then."
Person 1: "You're the one who woke him up!"
Person 2: "No I didn't you did. You're the one who told me this secret in the first place. If you hadn't, none of this would've happened."
Person 1: "Well if you hadn't opened your big mouth we wouldn't even be having this conversation we'd just be able to get on with our lives."
Person 2: "My mouth isn't big, it's actually normal size for a mouth."
Person 1: "It just means that you tell people things easily. Man you really are not the sharpest tac on the tac board."
Person 2: "How dare you say I look like a tac my figure is more of a pear."
Person 1: "Ugh! You're so frustrating! I should just beat you black and blue right now."
Person 2: "Please don't do that. The blue wouldn't go with my outfit today."
Person 1: "I'm so done here! I can't stand you anymore. You take everything so literally and I have to explain everything to you. You're such a hand full."
Person 2: "My hands aren't full, see they're empty."
Person 1: "I can't do this anymore. Bye."

Curious Incident of a Dog in the Night Time Essay

"Sometimes people are born with disabilities, but it's communities that handicap them." People who need extra help in certain things aren't getting the help they need. Many kids are very good at something, but if no one takes the time to find out what they are good at, they won't succeed and will be lost. Those kids could grow up to be amazing people or do amazing things, but its the people who don't help them get there who are holding them back. I think that's partly why so many kids drop out of school or just don't want to do anything because they aren't getting the help they need - sticking a kid in a room with a bunch of other kids isn't going to help them, they need individual help. If we could all come together as a community and work together to help guide those kids on the right path, everyone would succeed, and no child would be left behind. In a Ted Talk, Temple Grandin was saying how she was very good in art, but her school cut out the art program. All of the kids, like her loved doing art because that was the one thing they were good at and understood. Taking that away gave them nothing to look forward to; they were lost. If the school hadn't cut it we would've had so many wonderful artists right now. Also, how she said her science teacher was the one teacher who took the time to help her and now look how far she has come. If more teachers took the time to help out each individual, and take the time to find out what each of them were good at, we would have so many kids who liked school and who exceeded in life. It's not the kids holding themselves back, it's the people who don't work together with them that are holding them back.
People will think you're different depending on what you do or how you act. Everybody at some point thinks that they're perfect, better than everyone else, and are normal. That's why so many people put labels on people and judge them. If someone isn't acting the way they would they think they're weird. For example, when Christopher the main character in The Curious Incident of a Dog in the Night Time, was in the subway station, people thought he was weird and crazy because he would either moan, growl, or point his pocket knife at people:
So I put my hands over my ears to block out the noise and think. And I thought that I had to stay in the station to get on a train and I had to sit down somewhere and there was nowhere to sit down near the door of the station so I had to walk down the tunnel... And walk down to the end of the tunnel trying to concentrate on the sign at the end of the tunnel that said WARNING CCTV in operation. And it was like stepping off the cliff on a tightrope. (145)
Christopher wasn't being weird or crazy though, he just was scared of what was going on. It's kind of like how we're scared of animals; they're more scared of us than we are of them. When Christopher held up his knife that lady got very scared, but Christopher did that because he was more scared of her than she was of him. Christopher was just trying to protect himself in what he thought was a scary world. Although everyone is weird in their own way, if nobody was weird we'd all be the same, and if everyone was the same I think life would be pretty boring. It's good to be different.
You aren't different until someone says you are. Like I said before, everyone is different. That person who you think is different, isn't until you say they are; they are just being themselves. Also, they might think you're different and if they pointed that out you wouldn't think that you are because you're being yourself. You just have to put yourself into the other person's shoes. Everybody has their own definition of normal and weird, that's why we all think somebody is different and why somebody thinks we're different. We all put labels on people and once someone is labeled they can't become unlabeled. People know I have ADHD and can be a little crazy sometimes so they put that label on me, even though they act the same way. If I act out a little bit they say calm down and yell at me about it, but if they act out, it's fine. We all do this and I don't think it's ok because in todays world you can't be yourself, you have to act like everyone else or you get labeled.
Communities need to start coming together and helping out those kids who need it. All of the schools have a policy where no child is left behind, but they are being left behind. If we don't give them the help they need then they are behind all of the other kids and have no idea what's going on. In the book, The Curious Incident of a Dog in the Night Time, at Christopher's school he wasn't treated like he had a disability he was treated like he was a normal kid his teachers talk to him so he can understand it. They taught him the stuff that he knew and was good at, like his level A math. If communities came together and helped out each individual with what they needed help with, no child would ever be left behind. Temple Grandin in the Ted talk was saying how some people are visual learners, patterns, and verbal learners. Everyone learns differently and thinks differently, we can't just teach every kid the same way and think that they all understand it.
We all need to change and start being ourselves. We all need to help out each other, so no one is labeled, no one is left behind, no child is scared, or lost, or led on the wrong path. Everyone can make the world a better place, and everyone can work together. As Gandhi once said, "Be the change you want to see in the world." So don't label people with disabilities and don't let communities handicap them. There is no real definition of normal so let the different be different, everyone is "normal" and that's why we are all different.

Literacy Autobiography

When I first started reading I struggled a lot. I was behind, I didn't want to do anything, I just wanted to give up on myself, and I didn’t want t do school anymore, I hated school when I was younger. In Kindergarten my teachers and my parents noticed how much of a hard time I was having in reading. In first grade things got worse in reading. My parents and my teachers got together and decided that I needed to do a summer reading program, I did that for a couple of years. That summer reading program helped me a lot I was able to read better. Every year at my school we would take reading tests to see what level we were and every year I was behind in my reading level. Being behind made me feel bad about myself because everybody would tell each other what color dot they had on their book (the color dot meant what level you were). Hearing all of my friends say they were at their grade level or higher made me feel like I was stupid and dumber than everyone else. This might sound weird, but me feeling like that was kind of a good thing because it made me push myself harder and even though I wasn't supposed to I started to try reading books that were meant for a higher level then I was at. Doing that helped me a little, but I was back to not understanding the book and not being able to explain what was happening. So I went back to the level that I was at and being behind.
Next came third grade. My reading was still behind. This year was when we learned cursive. Almost everyday we would do cursive and before we started writing we had to do these hand exercises. For the hand exercise you put your hand underneath your legs, then push your legs up off the chair and hold for ten seconds. We had cursive books we could trace over the letters and write them over and over again. The teacher would come around look at everyones book to see if they were doing the letter correctly, and if you weren’t you would have to practice the letter even more.  I hated doing cursive, but I am very grateful for it now. Cursive comes very useful when you’re signing a check or anything else at requires a signature.
  In fourth grade we had to do these online tests after we read a book, but before you could do the test you had to tell the teacher a little bit about the book and what you read. I had the hardest time with that, I read the book, but I just didn't know how to put it in words or explain what happened. Almost everyday I would work on explaining what happened in the book with my parents. We would pick out a book and my parents and I would take turns reading. After we were done with the book one of my parents would ask me about the book and after a while I was able to do it. Once I was able to explain and talk about what happened in the book, I just needed to work on shortening my explanation. I worked on that at home with my parents and a little bit at school with my teachers.
In fifth grade I was still behind in my reading level, I could still explain what I read about and I could sum it up, but I was still struggling.  I would still try and push myself to read harder books, but I just couldn’t understand them. Fifth grade was the year I really got into writing. I wrote this story about a girl who goes to the Machu Picchu temple to discover a secret about her father. I was so excited to write this I researched everything I could find about the Machu Picchu temple.
Sixth grade I got a lot of help from my english teacher and I developed a close bond to her. My teacher and parents worked together and got me some extra help on the side with reading. That reading helped me so much I was finally at my grade reading level. I am very thankful to my sixth grade teacher she helped me and gave me the push I needed to do great in reading and writing. If I hadn’t gotten that help, in eighth grade I would’ve had to do an extra reading class on the side and I would’ve missed  taking spanish. Sixth grade was the year when I finally started to like school, and this was also the year when my family found out I had ADHD. That was why I had such a hard time focusing in school. Once my parents found that out, I got a lot of help and once I was able to focus I loved school, I loved going. Also being able to focus, my reading improved and my grades went up.
Whenever I write a piece I have to edit it or in class we would partner up and edit another persons piece. No matter what I did I was awful at editing and that’s how I would fail assignments. Last year in ninth grade my english teacher helped me tremendously with grammar and punctuation. Without her help I wouldn’t have been able to understand any of it. Now thanks to her I can edit my own work with no problem.
Throughout my years of reading and writing I went through a lot of struggling, obstacles, and overcoming those obstacles. I couldn’t have done it without help. My teachers and parents are the ones I have to thank for pushing me and believing in me. They are the people who made me the strong reader and creative writer I am today.  The people who never gave up on me and gave me hope so I wouldn’t give up on myself.

Plan of action

My plan of action for this week is to try and write about something that I'm not used to writing. Week after week I always do the same kind of idea. I want to see if I'll be better or worse at wiring about something else. I feel that hen I write about what I write about I don't surprise the reader in the way I want to. The one thing I'm going to focus on this week is coming up with different ideas for what I can write about. I chose to do this because, again I want to shock the readers with soothing different, but it still has my voice in it. Writing something that I'm not used to writing and keeping my voice is going to be hard. I think I'm going to struggle with this, but I feel in the end all of my hard work will pay off.