Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What worked well

Last week in class we were given a choice of a paragraph we could add on to or have to start our sentence with what our teacher gave us. This worked well for me because I've always found it easy to be given something and have to add onto it. When someone just says you have to write it on this topic it's hard to think of where you can go with it or how you're going to start it. My teacher last year did this a lot and it really helped me and when we would share our stories it was cool to see where each person went with it. You, the writer, can go anywhere with the story too.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


One of my goals I had was to work on my editing, my teacher gave us an opportunity to go to the writing lab. The writing lab is where students can go to get help with their writing pieces. I really wanted to go to help improve my piece, but finding time to go wasn't easy. Whenever a space opened up for me to go something else came up or the writing lab would be closed. I do have a half period study hall, but I use that time to get my homework done and I need that time to do my homework. Next time I get a writing assignment I'm going to try to organize my schedule better so I'll have time to go to the writing lab and get help with my writing. While I'm there I might even get some tips on how to become a better editor.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Blog Post #2

One prompt I really liked in my writer's journal was my dialogue. I had to write about two people talking back and forth, using one rhetorical question and 5 figures of speech. What I really liked about it was that you could have fun doing it, it was different from what I've done before and it made the dialogue funny. I showed it to my friend and we read the dialogue together (I was person 2 and she was person 1) reading it aloud and acting it out made it that much more funny, and then my friend said what if people actually talked this way to each other? Her saying that made me think. If people talked in figures of speech all the time it would be kinda cool, but for some people it would be hard for them to understand (an example would be people with autism, like in the book I'm reading in class, the curious incident of the dog in the night-time). If I were to revise this piece and make it longer I would keep the conversation going and keep using figures of speech. I would also use other stuff besides just figures of speech because I think that would get very repetitive.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Some goals I have for my writing this year are: working on becoming a better editor, and working on my punctuation. To become a better editor I can start working on remembering all the rules for punctuation, get better on my spelling, practice a lot with editing my own pieces and being able to recognize my errors in my work. I can also edit my piece and then check in with a teacher or peer to see if I missed anything. Before I can be a better editor I need to know my punctuation. Last year my teacher made a slideshow of all the rules for punctuation, I can start using that more to help me. If I don't know what punctuation I should use I can go back to the slideshow and see where to put the right punctuation.